Thursday, 27 June 2013

Dress Down Friday Fears: The Breton top

Dress Down Friday is a weekly terror for some. "Casual" and "corporate" are two words that just don't tend to mix, so it seems pretty twisted to torture us weekly with a day where we must teeter the balance between on- and off-duty. Help is on hand, however: each Thursday, theworkwearedit will bring to your desktops a little nugget of inspiration to help you plan an outfit for the follow day.

Image on left courtesy of Lookbook. Clockwise from top left: Breton top, £14, River Island; skinny jeans, £22.75, Forever 21; canvass shopper, £10, Talented Toes at ASOS; ballet pumps, £65, French Sole; geometric necklace, £15, Topshop; glasses, £85, Specsavers.

Following on from last Thursday's post, where I discussed how the classic blazer-and-jeans combo makes for one of the simplest yet most stylish Dress Down Friday looks, this week I will be taking my cue from across the channel, with yet another classic sartorial choice. First worn by French fishermen then popularised by the likes of Coco Chanel and Pablo Picasso, the Breton top has become immortalised as one of fashion's most covetable yet obtainable items. With its ability to be worn with absolutely anything, this humble striped tee can be dressed up for evening or work or worn more casually for a weekend vibe.

Inspired by Piia Õ's look on street style website Lookbook, this is again another outfit that can easily be recreated from your current wardrobe or with the addition of a few new pieces. With styles as classic as the Breton, I see it as unnecessary to reinvent the wheel, so whilst there are many updated versions on the high street at the moment, River Island's boxy three-quarter sleeved number channels the original as honestly as is possible. Wear with purple skinny jeans to inject a slice of colour and simple black flats for some much needed comfort. Accessories should be kept light with an interesting gold necklace, such as this geometric style from Topshop, and a canvass bag filled with all your essentials. I'm currently loving the Talented Totes range on ASOS for their dry humoured slogans slapped across the front in big, bold letters but if you prefer, you could always use a plain version if this feels too ostentatious. Finally, for those of us who wear spectacles (and for those who don't but love the way they look), try some square frames in bright red for an unexpected pop of colour around the face that will draw attention upwards into your eyes.



  1. Nice picks! I really like that bag as well, I've been thinking about getting it :)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like them. I love all of the bags but that one is my favourite.