Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Here I am!

Today marks the launch of theworkwearedit and, boy, does it get me excited!

After working in a corporate, client facing environment myself, it often felt as if my love for fashion was a conflict against my role as a serious employee. Looking at the catwalk collections, it often comes across as pretty evident that the majority of designers have never stepped foot in your average office, let alone worked in one!

Now consider this: the average working week in the UK is 42.7 hours a week. Factor in 8 hours sleep a night, it shows that percentage wise, our outfit choices are dictated by business needs almost 40% of the time - and I don't think I'm alone in not wanting to feel confident and stylish for almost half of the week.

That's where theworkwearedit comes into play. The motto is "fashion and workwear seamlessly interwoven". Just because we work in environments that require a more conservative style of dress doesn't me that we can't walk the trends in the catwalks of our own life. Every day will bring another post dedicated to showing you how fashion and the workplace can mingle together into a beautiful relationship. Whether you're in a corporate, creative or casual setting, it's my goal to show you that you can feel fabulous 100% of the time.

- Lynsay Hodges, creator of theworkwearedit.


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