Thursday, 20 June 2013

Lunchtime Listings: 5 links of extra-curricular reading especially curated for you

Your lunch hour is not only for nibbling on sandwiches and the odd bit of window shopping - it's a great time to catch up on news and current events from around the world. As well as the articles posted daily on theworkwearedit, I'll be bringing to you five of the most interesting stories around the world to broaden your horizons and provide some intellectual stimulus outside of your daily workload.

Image from Workplace Diva.

  1. Serena Williams apologises for slut shaming a 16 year old victim of a brutal gang rape ordeal. (The Independent Online)
  2. Whilst design aficionados fight it out over the look of Apple's Beta version of iOS 7, most of us mere mortals are shaking with exciting. Just to fan the flames of lust, here are 15 hidden features Apple didn't have time to tell us about in the press announcement. (Business Insider)
  3. Unappreciative work colleagues grinding your gears? You're not alone. See here how to deal with them without flying off the handle. (Workplace Diva)
  4. With over 225 million users worldwide, it's worth maintaining a presence on LinkedIn. Give your profile a makeover that looks professional, helps increase your influence and works to keep your personal brand image tip-top with these five tips. (Blogging4Jobs)
  5. Itching for an update on your iPad now? Elle shows us their choice of the 50 best apps available on the market to download today. (Elle UK)

What websites do you browse during your lunch hour? Is the content you see more newsy or is it all about the celebrity gossip?


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