Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Boardroom Beauty: The French Manicure

Top: Chanel Spring/Summer 2013 details from Style.com. Bottom: French Manicure collection, £25, Nails Inc. at Feelunique.com.

Although it may have more recently come to associated with fake tan and square tipped acrylics (thank you, cast of TOWIE), the French Manicure used to more widely known as an understated and chic choice for nail adornment. However, as Kelly Gilbert notes in Vogue's June 2013 edition, across the channel the style is still highly regarded as a choice for serious and style conscious women. A breath of fresh air amongst the smorgasbord of ostentatious designs currently adorning finger tips, the trusty French Manicure has began to rise from the ashes. Delicate incarnations of the Essex party girls' favourite were spotted on the runway of Chanel Spring/Sumer 2013 show, with make up artist Peter Phillips creating a "discrete, shiny" style in soft pink tones.

The unimposing sophistication of the French Manicure is what makes it so suitable for working week nails. The neutrality of the tones involved in its creation ensures it will sit well with shades from every spectrum of the colour wheel and when used with a shiny topcoat, offers a polished glean that makes hands look more professional than bare fingertips. Online tutorials are available across the Internet to create the look yourself at home, and this collection from Nails Inc. offers everything you need to give yourself a budget friendly pamper. If, however, you do wish to venture into the beauty salon to get the look yourself then please, for the love of God, stay away from acrylic tips: this look should be kept as natural as possible lest you veer into Sugar Hut territory.


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