Thursday, 18 July 2013

Dress Down Friday Fears: The skater skirt

Dress Down Friday is a weekly terror for some. "Casual" and "corporate" are two words that just don't tend to mix, so it seems pretty twisted to torture us weekly with a day where we must teeter the balance between on- and off-duty. Help is on hand, however: each Thursday, theworkwearedit will bring to your desktops a little nugget of inspiration to help you plan an outfit for the follow day.

Inspiration from Lookbook. Clockwise from top left: blouse, £36, Topshop; wedges, £30 (previously £39.99), Chockers; sunglasses, £10, River Island; bag, £30, ASOS; skirt, £14.99, New Look.

Things are continuing to heat up this week, with each day passing seemingly becoming the "hottest day of the year so far". Considering we spend probably around 10 months of the year hoping and praying for such weather, it still managers to shock us when Summer comes round full swing, sun blazing, making the task of just putting clothes on every morning an arduous chore. If you feel you've mastered the normal working week wardrobe so far then well done to you, but tomorrow presents a possible thorn in your side: Dress Down Friday.

It may be tempting to take the concept of "casual" and run with it, turning up to the office in nothing but a bikini and sarong. Weather like this rules out the usual suspects such as jeans-and-blazer and can make choosing a smart casual option even more difficult. Never fear, however - following on from Monday, we're looking at another hero skirt silhouette that, this time, will trend the line carefully between on- and off-duty. Draw inspiration from Pam S' look on street style website Lookbook and give your weekend denim skater skirt an air in the office. This easy, breezy shape is simple to style up or down and will allow pins to get a much needed circulation of breeze whenever one passes a fan. To keep the look from veering too far into "pub garden" territory, style it up with a loose fitting blouse like this silky number from Topshop. Strappy wedges will add a much needed element of height to keep your pins looking pristine, but these strappy numbers from Chockers will stop feet from getting too sweaty and swollen. Finally, top off the look with a pair of oversized sunnies (these rounded beauties from River Island have a touch of vintage chic about them whilst remaining modestly modern) and a sleek black bag to fill with your essentials.


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