Tuesday, 30 July 2013

High street spotlight: COS

Clockwise from top left: trousers, £79; boots, £135; tunic, £69; shirt, £89; clutch, £79; blazer, £135, all from COS.

If you have been following this blog since its birth in June, there are two things that you have more than likely garnered from these posts about my personal taste: 1. Although occasionally deviating into the foray of opulence, I am a minimalist at heart and 2. I love nothing more than a bit of Scandinavian style. Something in the water surrounding that little corner of Europe must have bred a group of people so painfully stylish that I just want to roll around in their wardrobes.

Consequentially, it was only a matter of time before I reviewed a Scandi-brand and today, it was the only thing I could possibly think of writing about. Launched underneath the Swedish H&M group in 2007, COS (standing for Collection of Style) is similar to its parent brand in that it creates achingly covetable clothing for both men and women. Focusing on timeless design over trends, the creative minds behind the brand envisioned a future of high end design (and the quality that comes with it) at an affordable price point.

Although coming in as more expensive than the cheap-as-chips H&M, COS stands out amongst similar premium high street brands such as Reiss and Ted Baker for their effortless and pared back silhouettes, with limited use of fussy colours or prints. It is this effortless level of design that makes the label so thoroughly workable throughout the nine-to-five, acting as the perfect weapon to carve out a sharp yet exquisite office look.

Featured above is my pick of six from the new collection currently showcasing on the website. Amongst the expected sea of black, whites and grey there is the occasional pop of mustard and green (as well as a variety of colours available amongst their wonderfully slouchy vests and t-shirts) as well as a rehashed 90s-esque crosshatch print, as demonstrated upon the silk and cotton tunic above. Accessories and footwear are similarly unfussy, with these leather Chelsea boots an honest offering of the classic style and a leather clutch that can we reworked as a slim design with cut-out handles. The blazer, however, gets an update with this boxy, collarless jacket with metallic fibres woven into the fabric for a beautifully reflective sheen. Following on is the subtle shimmer of these deep emerald trousers, gathered at the waist for a feminine and floaty bottom half. Complete your new look with yet another classic coming in the form of a sheer, silk shirt made interesting with a contrasting hem and cuff. Although the price tags may be slightly higher than what you would normally pay, quality and style is guaranteed and investment is encouraged as these pieces with age as gracefully as yourself.


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