Monday, 15 July 2013

Keep Cool and Carry On: The midi skirt

Full midi skirt, £19.99 (previously £39.99), Mango

Even if you had been living under a rock these past few days, the heat wave currently rendering Britain a hot mess would have been as inescapable to you as it has been to us. After a weekend of indulging our instincts by stripping down to bikinis and tiny shorts, going back to work in this weather can feel like torture. Morning commutes, confined lifts, offices without air con - all of these are Kryptonite when temperatures outside are floating around the 30 degree mark.

When weather like this strikes, choosing a stylish yet comfortable outfit for work compounds in difficulty. Polyester mix trouser suits and pencil skirts look akin to prisons and long sleeved, starchy shirts haunt the mind with fears of the dreaded sweat patch. Enter the floaty, pleated midi skirt. Long enough to retain your dignity and classy with a vintage twist, these can be the Holy Grail when it comes to summer dressing. In fabrics such a chiffon or even cotton, the swish and shimmy of these numbers allows air to travel freely, keeping your lower limbs cool without having to resort to booking a last minute flight to the Arctic circle. Mango's pretty in pink number comes in as a bargain, having had its prices handily slashed down to under £20, but there is a plethora of other colours and prints are available from both the high street and online, including ASOS, New Look and Topshop. Wear according to the serving suggestion given by Mango here: sleeveless blouses in a light fabrics carry on the retro silhouette, whilst uncomplicated accessories both add formality and ease in early morning selection. Ditch the tight, suffocating blazer and you're good to go.


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