Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Summer Sales Spotlight

Clockwise from top left: Layered V-neck dress, £35 (previously £69), Cos; Gunmetal crystal watch, £82,50 (previously £165), DKNY at Debenhams; Tartan blazer, £49.99 (previously £69.99), Zara; Tartan trousers, £22.99 (previously £29.99), Zara; Suede courts, £75 (previously £125), Whistles; Draped chiffon blouse, £165 (previously £559), Esteban Cortazar at Net-a-Porter; Leather satchel, £52.50 (previously £75), ASOS.

If you've been paying attention to the selection of clothes in recent posts, you'll notice that many of them come at reduced prices. Yes, ladies and gents, it's that glorious time of year where the sun in shining and our favourite retailers put on massive sales. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all, going on a rampage through the racks and spending more than you normally would on clothes you didn't even like the first time round. It is through control and discipline that sales shopping becomes an art form, and with careful consideration one can make many a bargainous purchase that has a huge benefit on their wardrobe.

Removing oneself from the actual shopping environment can prove advantageous, so I suggest stepping away from the flustered crowds and kicking back for an online adventure (where additional price cuts and a wider variety of sizes can often be found). Oftentimes, however, this is where narrowing down your search criteria can become even more difficult given the vast choice available at your fingertips so look no further than my personal selection, above, for some of the finest picks across the spectrum, from high street through to designer. Check out Cos for a master class in Swedish minimalism (were two chicer words ever paired together?) at cut prices and Zara for a dash of masculine tailoring on a budget. At Debenhams, DKNY watch has had it's price slashed not once, but twice, and comes down as an absolute bargain amongst the department store's sale. The online giants are both getting in on the action as well, with ASOS cutting the prices of both its own own huge array of goodies and those of its high street partners. However, if you've been longing for a designer piece in your wardrobe for some time, head to Net-a-Proter, where beautifully crafted, luxury items are cheap as chips compared to their original pricing.


  1. Love the layered V neck dress! :)

    Mags x

  2. I know, right? Everything from COS is just pretty much perfect.