Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Boardroom Beauty: Short and Sweet

Left: Karlie Kloss. Right: Anne Hathaway.


As a short hair devotee since the age of 12, I am delighted to see the online media awash with celebrities going for the chop: after all, once even Beyonce has gone for the chop, you know you're on to a winner.

However, the fact that I've had short hair all throughout my youth does not cloud me to the fact that for those with long, luxurious tresses, the decision to hack it all off in one sitting can bring on a mild panic attack. Long hair has been the de rigeur for women since the dawn of time and many fear that removing their mane will make them appear - shock, horror - masculine.

As an advocate for anything between the lengths of pixie cut to shoulder length bob, I would argue until blue in the face against this assumption. Take Anne Hathaway for example: her angelic features and huge, doe eyes are only accentuated by her post Les Mis crop and the unveiling of a new, blonde do at the Met's Costume Gala this year prompted gasps of awe and envy from women worldwide. With long hair, Anne was a goody-goody sort of girl in the minds of most, playing sweet roles in the likes of The Princess Diaries and never offending anyone until suddenly she emerged from the cocoon, looking like a much fiercer, more confident version of herself. Indeed, many women who opt for the chop do so for the same reasons - not only does it release the shroud of barnet from around your features and highlight the face's natural beauty, it creates an image of a more self-assured character, one who has no need for long hair to hide behind.

If the length - or lack there of - of Hathaway's crop send shivers down your spine in the worst way, then turn your eye to Victoria's Secrets' Angel Karlie Kloss. As part of an elite group of Amazonians famous for their ability to make women feel insecure in their own undergarment wearing ability, you may wonder what you could possibly have in common with the pretty much perfect 20 year old. However, Karlie's adoption of the bob should be a beacon to those considering a shorter style, yet not wanting anything that may be cropped enough to show the ears. Bouncy, wavy and full of life, Kloss' bob is low maintenance femininity to a T - embrace your natural texture, running only a small amount of product through the bountiful layers before bustling out the door and into your busy life.

If you're still not convinced, then do not fret: making the decision to cut off your hair is one that should not be underestimated or under thought. Of course, it will grow back - but, as someone who has tried growing their hair out several times, it is an absolute pain to do so, making the choice to crop that much more essential to be mulled over carefully. However, if you're already halfway to the salon, then don't stop now - if your heart is made up on the matter, then boldly go to where Kloss and Hathaway have ventured and carve out your own version of the short and sweet style.