Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Boardroom Beauty: Wing it

Top: Anna Sui A/W 13 from Bottom: Michael Kors A/W 13, also Right: Brigitte Bardot, via WeHeartIt.

As we rise bright and early in the morning, the last thing we want to think of is a new and interesting beauty look to take into the boardroom. If you ever cared enough to notice, most of the women you'll encounter throughout the week have their same tried-and-tested look that they rarely deviate from (except for perhaps those elusive weekend moments we don't see). Some prefer a parred down, barefaced look. Others opt for a striking red lip. However, for those wanting to play up a different feature, eyeliner is the perfect tool for drawing attention to the windows of the soul.

No eyeliner look is as dominant and ubiquitous as the winged out, "cat flick" style. From the Ancient Egyptians and their infamous queen, Cleopatra, through to vintage bombshells such as Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot (pictured), women have been elongating the shape of their eyes into a coquettish, feline shape since the dawn of makeup.

Fashion, as always, has tried to reinvented the wheel this season and make up artists have not failed in bringing us a few modern reinventions of the classic style. Anna Sui's Autumn/Winter look, for example, draws upon the styles of the 1960s, with liquid eyeliner piled upon the whole eyelid, leading out into a chunky and precise flick. Accessorised with dashes underneath the eyes, look towards the likes of Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick for the inspiration behind this particular look. On the other hand, Michael Kors have chosen to deviate from their typical sun kissed looks and have taken a turn to the dark side, creating an equally chunky (although slightly less tidy) look from smudged charcoal eyeshadow - the perfect moody accessory for this seasons's posh punk girl.

Although perfect upon the catwalk (and perhaps on a Saturday night in town), Autumn/Winter's offerings are a tad too out there for the typical nine-to-five role. Instead, take what you can from the styles - for example, the medium used and whether you want a precise line or something more lived in - and channel them in a more subdued fashion, opting for only a fine line swooping across the eye into a tiny flick on the outer corner. Dare to try anything more at your own peril - 'hilarious' workmates are more likely to recognise the late Amy Winehouse's style than those of Sui or Kors.



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